4 Things You Must Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

October 13, 2017
4 Things You Must Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring
Consider these the “must know” facts before hitting “Add to Cart” on that ring

CAPTIONS: Some of our favorites from Jennie Kwon, Vale Jewelry, and Meadowlark.

We’ll start first by saying congrats on the impending “I do.” In this crazy world you found your complementary other half, and that is a feat in itself. Now comes the time to browse for a symbol of your union, and we’re well aware that the options are of the never-ending scroll variety. So to help our future brides-to-be, we gathered some insider knowledge to help you in your journey. Consider these the “must know” facts before hitting “Add to Cart” on that engagement ring. We think they’ll steer you in the right direction before you and your lover commit to the ring (and then one another!).

1) Hit the books...
Whether you’re a jewelry expert that’s super into diamond gradings and metal quality, or someone who gets entirely swept up in the aesthetics of a piece, you should research what a stone or intricate detail is actually worth before swiping that card. Markups on some fine jewelry can be completely pointless when you’re dealing with a really simple setting or classic design that every jeweler seems to carry. So get an overview on the market value and check in with price comparisons. And if you truly love a specific e-tailer and want to work with them, contact them about pricing. They’re typically more willing than you think to match a lower price point you’ve found elsewhere. Doing your research can (quite literally) pay off.

2) Check the origin...
Corporate chain stores and the like tend to mass produce. Mass production typically means a lesser grade quality despite the jewel and metal settings being just fine. So if you have a small jeweler you trust, great. But if you don’t, a brand that outsources to a factory (where care and concern for how it’s made take top priority) could also work for you.

3) Take an independent approach...
When you work with a smaller designer you can ensure that both their background and the process of creating your ideal symbol of love has a higher standard. You can access who is actually creating, designing and selling your ring, all while knowing that you’re supporting a small business that is likely pursuing their passions to make a lasting beautiful piece for you. Another benefit? The originality that often comes with rings from smaller entities. The likelihood of the woman in front of you in the coffee line having the same one is slim to none, and we like those odds.

4) You could always customize...
Speaking of originality, almost every indie retailer and designer out there offer a “design-your-own”option that allows you to sit in the controller seat. While there are a vast amount of beautiful creations out there, for some, creating their own ring is the only option. Reach out to designers and retailers you love and see what kind of options they have for customizing your engagement ring. While it does translate to a slightly higher price-tag, this is where we have to remind you that this is pretty much the only thing you’ll wear EVERY DAY going forward. That seems to justify it on our end.

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