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Product Warranty

General Exclusions

We do not provide warranties for theft, product loss, or loss of ALL gemstones, diamonds, pearls, or other types of stones or embellishments larger than 2 mm in diameter at its widest point.  

Please note that our 100-day product warranty applies only to customers who have purchased items directly from STONE AND STRAND and are named on the product receipt. If another jeweler has made repairs or alters to the piece, this voids our product warranty.

Our fine jewelry is extremely delicate and is not impervious to normal wear, activities, or trauma. This is particularly true for rings and bracelets since our hands are subjected to considerable exposures each day. Here are some examples of jewelry issues that will not be considered product manufacturing issues:

Jewelry is sensitive and you should avoid putting your jewelry in contact with water including swimming pools, hot tubs, and showers as well as exposing it to chemicals such as hairspray or perfume. This can cause discoloration on either the metal or stone as well as cause cracks in stones.

Prongs and precious metals, in general, wear over time and may require restoration work as part of regular maintenance. Please take care of your jewelry properly in order to avoid losing or damaging your stones.

Our jewelry is very delicate. If you do not remove the jewelry tag properly, it can damage the product. Please cut the tag off and do not pull!


Purchases Within Our Free Standard 100-Day Warranty Period

We offer a 100-day product warranty on our products purchased directly from STONE AND STRAND. If your item has been damaged please submit a repair request using the link below, with images of the piece, to initiate your repair process:


If you have any additional questions about the repairs process reach out to and we will happily assist you. 

Slight irregularities and variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics, including internal inclusions, visible or otherwise, are unique and individual to each item. Gemstones are listed as unique in color and not guaranteed to look exactly like the image. These characteristics are what make your piece unique, and should not be considered a defect.

We are able to offer complimentary replacement for stones (gemstones, pearls, and diamonds) that are less than 2 mm in length at their widest point. Larger stones are not covered under our warranty and any missing stones will have to be paid for by the customer even during the warranty period. Please reach out to if you have lost a stone on your item and we will quote you for the repair.


Purchases Outside Our 100-Day Warranty Period  

If you wish to initiate a repair after your 100-day product warranty has expired, please submit a repair request using the link below, with images of the piece, to initiate your repair process:


We will determine if the piece can be repaired and provide an initial quote of the repair fee. Please note that repairs outside of our 100-day warranty period are subject to a non-refundable repair fee that starts at $35+ which includes shipping and handling for both directions the repair fee has been paid, we will send you a return shipping label that must be used to return the item.

Once the 100-day warranty for the piece has expired, any stones that are lost will have to be paid for by the customer regardless of the size of the stone. The cost of the stone(s) will be included in the repair fee once the repairs are confirmed.


Bridal Extended Warranty

STONE AND STRAND’s extended warranty guarantees your ring will be free of general wear and tear through 3 calendar years (1,095 days) from your date of purchase. In upholding our promise of quality fine jewelry that lasts, STONE AND STRAND’s warranty can be applied to any and all of our diamond engagement rings. In the event of a repair of your engagement ring, STONE AND STRAND will cover the cost of shipping to and from, as well as the cost of the repair. 

General repairs under this warranty include and are limited to:

  • Re-rhodium
  • Repair of basic wear and tear
  • Resetting of stones
  • One resizing 

General repairs DO NOT include:

  • Replacement of lost stones; you will be charged for the replacement of any lost stones not presented with the ring at the time of repair .
  • Repair of extreme damage due to negligent care or use of the ring.

To qualify your ring for the warranty, you must purchase the warranty within 100 days of your ring purchase and save your order number. Please be advised that this warranty applies only to the ring with which it was purchased. To initiate a service request, reach out to with your order number, the service you require, and an image of the ring, if applicable. Please allow 3-4 months for repair or service under our warranty.


STONE AND STRAND Products Purchased From Other Retailers

Please note that our warranty applies only to customers who have purchased items directly from STONE AND STRAND and are named on the product receipt. Our wholesale partners provide repair services directly to their customers and they should be contacted with any inquiries.


Repair Shipping Policy  

Please ensure to pay the fees before shipping if it applies to your repair. Please make sure to package the items securely in their original packaging or a box of the same size. For any additional information on how to ship your piece back to us please reach out to us at Please note that the carrier may charge you additional shipping charges if you send your product back in a different-sized box.  

Any shipments that are sent to us using a label not created by STONE AND STRAND are not covered by our insurance policy and we are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. 

Please note that as we do not offer international shipping and we are currently not able to facilitate any repairs for customers that wish to return a product from overseas.