Styling 101

Here at STONE AND STRAND, we’re jewelry-obsessed (and that might be an understatement). And to top if off, we have expensive taste, so that combination is a dangerous one.

We are changing the fine jewelry stacking game by bringing you high-quality, 10K and 14K solid gold jewelry that won’t tarnish or fade, ethically-sourced gemstones, and conflict-free white diamonds that are perfect for piling up — all at a price you can justify.

So come on in, and let’s get to work — there’s a lot of stacking to do.

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Ring stacking

Let your hands do the talking (if they don’t already). Dress your digits in a ring stack that is guaranteed to keep the conversation going.

Mix Dainty and Bold

Let’s Be Bold

Start your stack with bolder rings. We featured the Gold Bombe Ring and Signet Ring. Once you have your bold base, pick out your favorite dainty pieces with varying textures to complement the look. We included the Eternal Diamond Band, Fine Flat Band, Bold Pave White Diamond Band, and the Bold Gold Twist Ring.

Mix Diamonds and Gemstones

Best of Both Worlds

While we always like mixing it up, one of the best ways to style gemstones with diamonds is to stick with one gemstone color. For this stack we featured our Crown Princess Shield Ring, Pave Diamond Curve Band, Bright Lights Diamond Ring, Le Bleu Oval Ring, the Mind the Gap Open Diamond Ring, Pave Curved Combo Stacker Ring, and Blue Sapphire Flower Ring.