Piercings Y'all

December 11, 2017
Piercings Y'all

To get that ear party you’ve dreamed of, you’re going to need more piercings. But, what’s a gal to do when she wants more piercings but doesn’t want to step foot into Claire’s? At STONE AND STRAND, we want to create a welcoming environment for women to get piercings, sans buzzing tattoo guns or cubic zirconia.

That means we’re taking matters into our own hands, and approaching the piercing process the same way we approach the level of jewelry pieces and designers we offer. We’re bringing our expensive taste into the piercing world, and raising the bar on what it means to get that second earring hole.

Piercing Guide


Working closely with experts from the Association of Professional Piercers, we’re combining the STONE AND STRAND style you’ve come to love with the talent of experienced piercers who are in line with our ethos, so you can get pierced feeling like an empowered woman instead of a sneaky teenager.


Plus, you can get pierced with a stylish earring you’ll actually want to keep around for a while, picking from a selection of dainty studs and other specialty designs in luxurious 14K-gold earring tops with medical-grade titanium earring backings as opposed to stainless steel or plastic.


Hygiene? Check. Eco-friendly? You bet. We thought of everything so that you can just worry about deciding between a rook or a forward helix.


Check out our piercing collection here:


Read more about our approach to piercings here: Piercings FAQ


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We’re open!

We’ve taken some serious precautions to keep everyone safe. Learn all of the details here


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