4 Alternative Engagement Rings under $1,000 for the Modern Bride

October 13, 2017
4 Alternative Engagement Rings under $1,000 for the Modern Bride
Our 4 favorite rings have two things in common: they’re both affordable and of the alternative variety

CAPTIONS: Some of our favorite modern engagement rings

It’s a question that you’ll ask over and over when searching for an engagement ring that’s supposed to remain on your hand for a lifetime. Is it worth two months’ salary? Three months? Five percent of your combined earnings so that you split the cost (hey, it is 2016 after all)? Today’s husbands-and-partners-to-be are understandably confused about what they’re supposed to spend on engagement rings these days. Should they go all out and get what you want, price be damned? Even if that means years of paying the thing off? We think it's time to consider the alternative. We’re here to guide you through our favorite alternative engagement rings under $1,000, because getting hitched doesn’t need to give you acute anxiety in the middle of the night. We have careers and parents for that.

“But this is the moment! I want to go all out!”

And if you do, ‘more power to you’ we say! But it’s worth mentioning a jaw-dropping Emory University study that showed that higher engagement ring prices correlated to higher divorce rates. Priorities pre-wedding are obviously an important factor in getting past the honeymoon phase with ease.

So are you ready to consider staying in a cool price range without losing any points in the aesthetics category? It’s more than possible with the talented designers we feature at Stone & Strand. We’ve rounded up a range of rings from $500 to $1,000, which is what that Emory study found was the sweet spot price range for eternal wedded bliss. We think it’s enough to make you reconsider exorbitant amounts spent on the symbol of your love. Read on for our editor’s picks.

1) THE $600 RANGE: Diamonds being your thing does not have to send you into ridiculous credit card debt people! This Meira T Diamond Triangle Ring keeps things minimal, and is super easy to wear on the daily. Priced at $605, the modern shape and 0.14 carats of white diamonds create a bold, dynamic look that is snag-free (score!). We consider this the perfect way to ensure a synchronicity with your other jewelry and style pieces. Pair it with a second Diamond Triangle Ring in the same or a contrasting metal to create an interesting and affordable wedding set.

2) THE $700 RANGE: Jennie Kwon’s Morganite Opal Leaf Ring has a vintage appeal with the unexpected stones and shapes, and at $750, it is a cost-effective alternative to buying off his family heirloom ring from his cousin who seems to have a hard grip on that thing... The gleaming 3 millimeter morganite center stone is flanked on one side by a trio of diamonds and on the other by three Australian opals, calling to mind a delicate nature and an eye for interesting contrasts. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of compliments.

3) THE $800 RANGE: Be still our hearts. We have an affinity for blush hue, as you might have noticed by now, and what better way to add the color into your wardrobe than a daily dose of it on your ring finger. This effortless style belies its $845 price tag, making it an inexpensive engagement ring alternative that would definitely have everyone guessing otherwise. The twin sister designers of Vale Jewelry are known for creating modern yet approachable pieces, and their Pave PS Ring exemplifies that aesthetic. Choose a rose gold setting to enhance the luminescent warmth of the pave tourmaline stone, bookended by white diamond accents.

4) THE $900 RANGE: Going off the beaten path of the solitaire ring, Vale’s Emilia Ringnamed for Iago’s wife in Shakespeare’s Othello features seven diamonds — including a center 0.2 carat weight stone — in a playful juxtaposition, providing plenty of the classic goodness but at a modest $985 price. Fine milgrain detail takes off the polish to update the yellow gold and diamond combination, while exemplifying how chill you are (even if that isn’t exactly true...).

BONUS RING: The splurge! Or you could just say “Screw it!” We’re no stranger to the treat yourself mentality and this Free Bird Halo Ring by Jade Trau says just that. A stunning tilted pear diamond takes center stage but is supported by equally mesmerizing pave diamonds all around. And while its $5,700 price tag may be out of reach for some young couples, it’s never too early to start saving for that fifth anniversary.

But most importantly? Remember to not let arbitrary precedents dictate your spending, and choose the ring and the price that works for you. Your wedding, your rules.


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