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Expensive taste, without the markup. Get to know our in-house brands.


Get to know our in-house brands


Your destination for well-priced, high-quality 14K wedding bands, because this is the last area you want to be skimping on the details.


100% natural, baby — our diamonds, that is. These are our diamond essentials.


We're picky about pearls, so we made our own modern-feeling pearl pieces, for the gal who maybe feels like "classic" and "traditional" just aren't her thing.


With ETC., our new collection of accessories, we’re focused on creating super special products that compliment or celebrate your favorite fine jewelry.

Good Girl Tools

These charms represent the “tools” that women need to face the world and to stay tough in the face of adversity.


Silver is having a major moment, so stock up on our home-designed, graphic yet simple pieces that pack some impact.

Piercings Y'all

Our piercing-approved collection boasts nickel free solid 14k gold and medical grade titanium.

Pointe A

Give your jewelry box a splash of color with our luscious gemstones, which mix and match flawlessly with your existing collection.


Pave jewels to wear round-the-clock, all made in precious materials like 14-karat gold and diamonds.

The Late Shift

14k gold and diamonds don't have to feel stuffy. Our fine jewelry's got a fashion-forward, trend-driven twist, so you can have fun wearing every piece.


Make it yours. These 14k gold and silver pendants, bracelets and rings are all ready to be personalized with your favorite monogram, inscription or initial.


Some jewelry just becomes a part of you. Meet our low-key gorgeous, unfussy 14k gold pieces you never want to take off.

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