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Are you a good girl?

Posted on September 09 2017

Are you a good girl?

You already have all the tools you need. But why not have a little golden token of what you’ve got, just in case you ever need a reminder?

It starts pretty much at birth and weaves it’s way into life as you grow older without us even noticing it. People have different ways of telling us to be “good.” Maybe you’ve had strangers on the street tell you to smile, or boyfriends suggest you dress a certain way, or been told that “boys don’t like girls who do that” as a warning. Maybe you’ve been asked to take notes at a meeting, or clean up after it’s done, or stay late to help, because that’s what girls are expected to do. We’re encouraged to have sex appeal, but only as much as others deem appropriate. We’re told the importance of appearing beautiful, but also told to make our beauty seem effortless. We’re told to play by the rules, to not get angry, to not be emotional. It’s the sum of these small, repeated expectations - these shoulds and should-nots - define the idea of a “good girl".

At STONE AND STRAND, we’re redefining the phrase “Good Girl.” What does a Good Girl do? Take risks, think ahead of the game and ultimately follow your gut. We’re not here to smile on cue, wait our turn or play by the rules. Welcome to a new generation of Good Girls who are doing what’s right for themselves and not afraid to do things their own way.

For our first capsule, we’re offering The Good Girl’s Toolkit - a collection of tool-inspired charms that represent the “tools” women need to face the world and to stay tough in the face of adversity. They’re a perfect reminder to yourself that you have the tools to do whatever you dream of - or a perfect gift for that friend or mentor who is redefining Good Girl.

Also, check out our beautiful campaign, where we partnered with of-the-moment L.A. photographers Emily Knecht and Dana Boulos, who were tasked with photographing one another in their homes. The results are raw and real - the total vision of what it means to be a Good Girl.

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