An Ideal Match: Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands

October 13, 2017
An Ideal Match: Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands
Pairs of engagement rings and wedding bands that complement each other perfectly. 

The search for a ring you idealize wearing forever, especially as a symbol of undying love, has this reverence that often merits a bit of anxiety. How do you know it’s the one? Will you like staring at this thing on your finger five years from now? And so on.

But once you let go and really allow a piece to speak to you, the right fit will naturally come your way. Trust your instincts and all will be golden...until you realize you need a wedding band to go along with your one true love.

But fret not. Often left as an afterthought in the process, we like the idea of matchmaking your band and ring in the same way you would two friends. The minimal metal band no longer has to be your safeway, and picking pieces that play off each other becomes just another form of expressing the uniqueness of the partnership you’ve found. We’ve linked up some of our favorite engagement settings from Meadowlark, MANIAMANIA, Jennie Kwon with slightly subtle counterparts that look almost as good together as you and your person-to-be. Almost.

Vale Jewelry Lily Ring + Vale Jewelry Eclipse Ring
Craving simplicity doesn’t make you boring. On the contrary, you have an eye for timelessness that keeps your sense of style in the running for the long haul. Never one to go with the crowd, the subtle contrast of black and white diamonds keeps them guessing, much like your innate ability to keep things fresh and refined.

Jennie Kwon Round Rosecut Baguette Ring + Jennie Kwon Marquis Dew Ring
The more is more method is something we subscribe to often, which is why we love the idea of a classic baguette cut paired with a band that remixes shapes, jewel tones and the idea that a band and ring can’t have their own pronounced qualities.

Meadowlark Inverted Star Ring + Meadowlark Curved Eternity Ring
Viewing things through rose-colored glasses has a stigma associated with the phrase “ignorance is bliss.” We like to think of the metal as an ode to eternal optimism, taken a step further with a matching band that only emphasizes the sheen of the ring.

Meadowlark Hex Engagement Ring + EF Collection Black Diamond Eternity Ring
You’re nontraditional and take the road less travelled. The black diamonds feel like a natural fit to your off-beat rhythm, but the look goes beyond by keeping the band a bit subdued to let the main stone shine.

MANIAMANIA Ritual Solitaire Ring + MANIAMANIA Infinite Band
The MANIAMANIA woman is attracted to the designers’ lack of concern for staying in traditional colorways, opting for combinations that feel closer to a natural habitat. Allowing the woman with an affinity for organic materials and their surroundings, these two seamlessly show off your eye.

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