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Unicorn Opal Crown Stud


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Pointe A provides one-of-a-kind colored gemstones in delicate doses. Designed to satisfy even the most minimal of minimalists, these pieces will bring your jewelry look up to date in a flash.

Even better, this collection is always limited edition, special and 100% ethically earth-mined. Quantities are determined by the number of stones we can source, all are set in solid gold and no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

We may have expensive taste, but crazy mark-ups aren’t really our thing. By focusing on quality that matters, we just give you the good stuff.

  • 14k Solid yellow gold
  • 14k Solid yellow gold post and back
  • 7mm x 3.5mm Stud
  • Opal
  • Pink Sapphire
  • Peridot
  • Aquamarine
  • Opals are very fragile and delicate. We do not recommend purchasing and wearing while swimming, taking baths, using hairspray, dry shampoo or any chemical hair products and lotions.
  • Please be aware that the stone color can change and the stone can crack if not cared for properly
  • Sold as a single earring
  • Please note that all stones are unique and colors will vary slightly


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Expensive taste, minus the markup.

Our Stone and Strand pieces are our own pride and joy, handmade and smartly designed in-house, just the way we'd want them to be — all the way down to the details.

Style comes first - but just because we've got expensive taste doesn't mean we have to make expensive jewelry. We produce our in-house fine jewelry offering at the same places the premium brands do, but crazy mark-ups aren't really our thing.

So you can always expect the most on-point pieces at prices and quality you can justify. Enough said.


In stock. Ships out in 3-5 days.
100-day returns. Get the full details of Returns here.


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