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Gold Plated Oval and Pear Tourmaline Twin Set


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Aiming to make a statement without breaking the bank? We've got the perfect way to shine. Our Luna collection features bigger, better statement silver pieces than ever before. Using both solid sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver, you can't go wrong with these pieces, especially if you're not sure how your skin reacts to different metals. We use a thick micron plating of 18k gold over a 925 Sterling Silver base. Talk about a win-win.

  • 14k Yellow gold plated sterling silver
  • Sold as a set of 2 rings
  • Please note that every gemstone is unique and colors will very
  • Please note that with wear, the layer of gold will eventually wear off and expose the sterling silver underneath
  • To last as long as possible, please store in individual sealed bags and do not expose to water, humidity, perfume, hairspray lotions and other skin products as these can tarnish the jewelry over time.


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Expensive taste, minus the markup.

Our Stone and Strand pieces are our own pride and joy, handmade and smartly designed in-house, just the way we'd want them to be — all the way down to the details.

Style comes first - but just because we've got expensive taste doesn't mean we have to make expensive jewelry. We produce our in-house fine jewelry offering at the same places the premium brands do, but crazy mark-ups aren't really our thing.

So you can always expect the most on-point pieces at prices and quality you can justify. Enough said.


In stock. Ships out in 48 hours.
100-day returns. Get the full details of Returns here.


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