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Tuesday Enamel Skull Ring

Tuesday Enamel Skull Ring

Based in Toronto, former interior decorator Holly Dyment is known for her clever use of color. This statement ring was inspired by Ayurvedic culture in which each day of the week has its own color, planet, stone, and number. Featuring a skull with a brown diamond and ruby headdress, this ring was hand crafted with Holly’s signature champlevé and basse-taille enamelling techniques.

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Holly Dyment has been one of Toronto's top interior designers for over 25 years. Her fine jewelry collection encompasses a world of vibrant colors and embellished whimsical details. Handcrafted in India, the collection is made of 18k gold, gemstones, pearls and handpainted enamel.  

Product Information

25 by 31mm

18k Yellow gold

0.43 ct Diamonds, 0.06 ct Brown Diamonds, 1.51 ct Sapphires, 0.49 ct Rubies

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