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Tiny Dot Ring

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The Tiny Dot Ring is the ultimate everyday bauble. Minimal in aesthetic but tailorable to your look, this 14-karat gold style is totally versatile. Dainty and thin, this ring is perfect for stacking.

We created our XYZ collection as a one-stop shop for your fine jewelry essentials. Every piece is designed to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and be kept for years to come.

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Material: 14k Gold

Estimated Shipping Date: 9/27/17 - 10/4/17

Additional Product Information

Band 0.88mm

Diameter 3.5mm

meet the designer
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meet the designer

There’s special occasion jewelry, and then there’s jewelry that makes you feel special day in and day out. Our XYZ collection is filled with the latter—those gorgeous, low-key 14k gold pieces you hardly ever take off. Our focus with XYZ is on high-quality materials, namely 100% natural, top-drawer diamonds and solid 14k gold—at prices that seriously slay.

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