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Wave Tide Earrings

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We've teamed up with vintage jewelry retailer, collector and stylist Olivia La Roche, owner of vintage boutique Petra von Kant, to present a curated collection of vintage Tiffany & Co. pieces—including a number of iconic pieces from the legendary jewelry house that have long been discontinued. Elsa Peretti's classic Wave Tide earrings for Tiffany & Co. are post earrings featuring undulating, wing-like forms. The discontinued design speaks to the iconic designer's love of soft curves and flights of fancy.

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Material: Sterling Silver

Estimated Shipping Date: 10/26/17

Additional Product Information

Length 3.6cm

Solid Sterling Silver

Made in Spain

Only One Piece Available


meet the designer
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meet the designer

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most storied jewelry houses in the world. Built on the bedrock of design innovation, the brand’s influence on style and fashion is unparalleled. Throughout its 180-year history, Tiffany and Co. has doubled as an incubator and platform for a handful of jewelry’s most iconic designers, including Elsa Peretti and Jean Schlumberger. Contemporary vintage retailer, stylist and curator Olivia La Roche, owner of venerated vintage boutique Petra von Kant, sourced our assemblage of Tiffany, which includes a collection of rare, no-longer-in-production pieces from the iconic brand.

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