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Band Silver Semi Rigid Choker

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Founded by two Spanish sisters in 2010, Sansoeurs aims to translate emotions into pure, radiant form. Their versatile and timeless pieces take cues from nature and the lines of the body with elegant restraint. Offering the crisp look of a flat band of silver, the Band Silver Semi Rigid Choker is comfortable to wear with an adjustable chain link back.

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Material: Sterling Silver
Ref: N002-P

Estimated Shipping Date: 8/23/17

Additional Product Information

Adjustable Chain

Width 3mm

Maximum length of 36cm

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Sansoeurs Jewellery was founded by two Spanish sisters whose backgrounds in architecture and business drove them to create a jewelry company inspired by the virtues of lightness and simplicity. Taking abstract inspiration from the beauty of nature and the human body, jewelry by Sansoeurs explores the contemporary minimalist space with remarkable restraint and artistry.

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