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Nora Kogan
Nora Kogan

“I don’t design the same thing over and over…I don’t play it safe.”—Nora Kogan, on ABC Carpet & Home

Modern Designer

Nora Kogan

Nora Kogan saw more of the world before she hit her teens than most people will in a lifetime. The designer emigrated from Russia with her parents as a child and has lived in far-flung countries including Japan, Israel and Australia. She launched her collection in the late ‘aughts, and runs her own store in Brooklyn. Her whimsical collection pulls from influences as diverse as Pop Art, Egyptian antiquities and Italian goldsmithing.

Why we love this brand

Every Nora Kogan piece is handcrafted by artisans in New York City, often using scrap and re-cast metals. Brightly hued enamel baubles, snakes and the playful-but-luxurious treatment of every day objects are just a few collection signatures.

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