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Double Hug Blue Topaz Earring

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Since its inception, the Melissa Joy Manning collection has been known for its beautifully designed, impeccably crafted, and socially—and environmentally—responsible ethos. Today, the line continues to push its creator's vision forward, with nature-inspired pieces that appeal to a sophisticated, thoughtful consumer. Ladies with multiple ear piercings, this one is for you! Thread the spiral through 2 (or more) piercings for a fashionably unique look with a dash of sparkle.

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Material: 14k Yellow Gold, Topaz
Ref: E2176G

Estimated Shipping Date: 3/6/17 - 3/13/17

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Melissa Joy Manning studied traditional silversmithing at the famed Instituto de Allende in Mexico, and launched her namesake collection in 1997.As an artist, Melissa is inspired by nature and community. The collection is signature for its use of recycled metals and responsibly sourced stones, the combination creates the kind of quietly opulent designs that elevate the every day to the luxurious.
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