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Me & Ro
Me & Ro

“Jewelry is about making pieces that look beautiful while being worn.” — Robin Renzi, InDesign

Modern Designer

Me & Ro

Me&Ro designer Robin Renzi helped pioneer the current fashion craze for symbolic, talisman-like fine jewelry that could be worn day in and day out. The former college dance major launched her collection 25 years ago, after taking metalworking classes in high school. Over the years, the collection’s made mega-fans of major jewelry collectors, fashion industry players, and celebs such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Why we love this brand

Me&Ro’s personal-feeling jewelry—which is full of gorgeous interpretations of moons, flowers, elephants, oms, butterflies, crosses and hearts—is handmade in New York City, using only the finest recycled and ethically sourced metals and gemstones.

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