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Larkspur and Hawk
Larkspur and Hawk

“For me, it was love at first sight with Georgian foiled jewelry.” — Emily Satloff, The Baton

Modern Designer

Larkspur and Hawk

Emily Satloff, a New York City native, started her career as a curator at the New York Historical Society, which led to a curatorial gig at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She eventually turned her side hustle—collecting antique jewelry—into a full-time business, and became one of the city’s top antique jewelry dealers. Her love of Georgian-era jewelry led her to launch Larkspur & Hawk, a collection of timeless, romantic fine jewelry.

Why we love this brand

There’s a reason this collection looks ageless—it’s made using the 18th century colored foil technique. Jewelers carefully create a metallic foil backing for each set gemstone. The result? Gemstones that are so brilliant, they’re practically glowing.

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