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Graduated Ruby Teardrop Ear Jacket

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Relaxed, with a hint of rebellion, designer Jacquie Aiche has a mystical approach to the traditional world of fine jewelry. Coining the term "empowerment wear" her pieces reflect a strong feminine sensibility whilst maintaining an innovative design aesthetic. Vivid and eye catching, the Graduated Teardrop Ear Jacket mirrors Jacquie's contemporary tastes. Set in 14k gold, the vibrant rubies foster a unique look. 

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Material: 14k Gold, Ruby

Estimated Shipping Date: 2/3/17 - 2/10/17

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Jacqui Aiche was raised in a multi-cultural home by Egyptian and American Indian parents, and that cultural collision has informed her seductively global aesthetics ever since. Hollywood celebs and stylists gravitated to her delicate body chains, finger bracelets and spiritual amulet necklaces early on—and as Aiche’s branched out into boldly bohemian statement pieces, red carpet regulars now number among her most die-hard devotees.

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