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Diamond Cyclos Long Sun Earrings

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Notable designer Elena Votsi sources inspiration from her rich Greek culture and her home island of Hydra, boasting of a display at the Acropolis. Awarded the prestige of redesigning the Olympic medal for the Athens 2004 Olympic games, Votsi’s design will be used in all games henceforth, creating a timeless legacy. From the Cyclos Collection, these geometrically inspired 18k gold Long Sun earrings feature a diamond studded gold bar with a gold sphere drop. 

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Material: 18k Yellow Gold, White Diamond

Estimated Shipping Date: 2/17/17

Size And Fit

White Diamond 0.89ct

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Sourcing inspiration from the picturesque island of Hydra, Greece, Elena Votsi manifests love for her birthplace through the art of jewelry designing. Her romanticized, handmade jewelry, or “toys” as she playfully refers to them as, are strongly inspired by love, passion and the universe.

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