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Rose Quartz Eleonore Stud Earrings

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Anna Sheffield's unique heirloom creations blend nostalgia with modern edge. Using only the finest materials and gemstones, each piece is meticulously crafted. These 14k yellow gold Eleanore stud earrings feature beautiful pale pink rose quartz with a six-prong setting. They are are a perfect blend of the unique and the classic; wear them with neutrals to really make then stand out, or pair them with a bright color palette for a extra little glimmer.

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Material: 14k Yellow Gold, Quartz

Estimated Shipping Date: 6/27/17

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Anna Sheffield seeks to create jewelry that is delicate, with just a little bit of danger. Anna Sheffield’s approach, which she describes as a “tweaking of methodology”, shaped her unique interpretation towards the craft. Her beautiful, unconventional bridal rings challenge convention and eschew the expected. cult fav among fashionable brides

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