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Money Bag Charm

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Alison Lou Chemla is a native New Yorker, and her playful fine jewelry collection is inspired by Gotham's bustling streets and boundless creative spirit. Her latest collection, Game Night x Hasbro, gives a playful nod to chilhood favorites like Monopoly. Celebrate the treasures—tangible and intangible—in your life with this adorable 14k yellow gold money bag charm.

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Material: 14k Gold
Ref: C11
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meet the designer
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meet the designer

Alison Lou Chemla’s jewelry oozes (her hometown) NYC cool and rich culture with a mix of witt and intelligence. Alison’s debut collection, inspired by, “deceptive simplicity of modern communication,” of flirty winks and sobbing tears of emotiocons is perfect for the big city streets.

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