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Extra Small Hoop Earrings

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Act now and embrace the Act collection. Made of gold fill, we’ve taken the guess work out of your jewelry shopping by making this range of baubles wallet-friendly. These Extra Small Hoop Earrings in gold fill pack a ton of style into a tiny package. Elevate your wardrobe with some understated elegance. 

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Material: Gold Fill

Estimated Shipping Date: 8/24/17

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Real gold, accessibly priced jewelry—it’s not a pipe dream anymore. It’s the inspired idea behind ACT, our collection of gold-filled statement-making jewelry. What’s gold-filled jewelry? It when there’s an actual layer of gold that’s been pressure-bonded onto another metal. Gold-filled designs have 100% more gold in them than gold-plated pieces—and the gold doesn’t flake or rub off. With ACT, you get on-trend looks with real gold—without the hefty price tag attached to solid-gold construction. No splurging required.

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