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Jewelry Trends

Let’s make this simple. We’ll keep you in the know about the revival of the choker or the latest statement earring, as well as make giving gifts a quick and actually enjoyable process.


Finding what’s next takes practice, and since we have a constant ear to the streets we’ve learned how to pick up on what will be the next big thing.


We’ve got gifts galore for the woman who brought you into the world. We say she deserves something nice for how much she’s done for you.

GIFTS $250 - $500

For when you want to say something more, we’ve got your back. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all between $250 to $500 for that special somebody.

GIFTS $500 - $1000

Winner takes all. Here is a gift guide to showing immense appreciation to your lover, friend or family member, all between $500 to $1000.


Been about you, and we’re still about you. Personalizing your pieces with an engraving or monogram is as characterized to you as it gets.



This is the essential gifting guide for every person on your list, all at the very sweet price point of under $250. Ka-ching.


Something to never fear, plenty of our pieces stray away from clear stones and silver metals to bring you rose gold hues, baby blue gemstones and other eye-catching tones that set them apart.


Taken from the night sky, many of our designers look to the stars for inspiration. We’ve gathered up all that glitters for the woman who does the same.


For the modern mystics talisman are supposed to contain magical properties to bring you what you want in life. No one said they couldn’t also be good looking while bringing good fortune.


Being about refined luxury is never a bad thing in our book. We’ve found the most splurge-worthy gems to elevate your collection to the next level.


For a moment like this, we’re thinking you go big. A piece that she loves to show your appreciation seems like the least you could do.