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Break Free (The Hacksaw Charm)

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Whether it's breaking up with a toxic partner, leaving a job that's getting you down, or moving on from a hard time in your life, sometimes it's time to let go — and cut ties with what’s holding you back. Our Break Free (The Hacksaw Charm) is made of 14k yellow gold vermeil and purchasable with or without a chain necklace.

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Material: Gold Vermeil

Estimated Shipping Date: 11/6/17

Additional Product Information

14k yellow gold vermeil

Optional chain: 24" length 14k yellow gold vermeil

meet the designer
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meet the designer

You already have all the tools you need. But why not have a little golden token of what you’ve got, just in case you ever need a reminder? These charms represent the “tools” that women need to face the world and to stay tough in the face of adversity.

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