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XX Pave Diamond Earring

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Best friends Sara Smith and Mara Rothbart have been creating artful, timeless pieces together since 2012. As big believers in organic bonds and simplicity, Sara and Mara craft jewelry to highlight the wearer's natural beauty. The Smith + Mara 14k Gold XX Pave Diamond Earring is a sharp way to stand out in the crowd. Its white diamond throughline, surrounded by thin gold, will leave a trail of star-crossed lovers in your wake.

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Material: 14k Gold, White Diamond
Ref: E0040

Estimated Shipping Date: 11/6/17

Additional Product Information

Length 1 inch

Sold Individually

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Smith + Mara proves that sometimes best friends make the best partners. Founders Sara Smith + Mara Rothbart, both with backgrounds in jewelry, met as freshmen at USC. Fueled by their mutual love of design, they founded the brand in 2012. Simple yet impactful, the brand’s geometric and organic shaped pieces can be worn 24/7 and then some.
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