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Black Ribbon with Sapphire Charm Bracelet

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Candice Pool crafts intricate, feminine jewelry that riffs on modern trends. Her newest collection, Modern Obsession, zeroes in on creative and giftable styles. The Black Ribbon with Sapphire Charm Bracelet is cut in 14k gold, looped together at the end. This convertable piece can be worn as a wrap bracelet or choker, depending on your mood.

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Material: 14k Gold, Japanese Mokuba Ribbon, Sapphire
Ref: B-MOM1

Estimated Shipping Date: 9/5/17

Additional Product Information

Chain Length 16 inches

meet the designer
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meet the designer

Created in 2010 by Candice Pool, Minor Obsessions is the giftable and playful little sister to Finn Jewelry. The designer was born in South Africa but was raised in Texas, and both Cape Town beach culture and Southern glamour remain key inspirations for her designs. This line of 10k, 18k, and gold filled jewelry finds the balance between delicate, collectable charms and classic everyday pieces.
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